August Meeting Minutes

July Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened at the Lowe Mills.

First order of new business was a recap of the club's participation at Hama-con. Dave, Tom, Ray, Clay and Rick all participated in the event, either manning the table or helping to conduct the Make-and-Take. Overall opinion was that the event was successful (no injuries reported in the Make-and-Take) with several people stopping by the table to ask questions and take flyers for the contest and club. General comments was that Saturday was the peak day (Friday and Sunday were much slower) and that there needs to be better coordination with the badges for the table crew.

Contest news: Tom placed orders for advertising in Scale Auto, FineScale Modeler and the IPMS Journal, all to run in August/September. The business license for the contest has been acquired and the vendors notified.

The club voted to sponsor a category at the nationals, just which category at the discretion of the treasurer, DAvid Lanteigne. We ended up with "Space and
Science Fiction Category 605B; Science Fiction and Fantasy Vehicles (from kits); All Entries Pre-Planned Split."

Andy asked for RSVP's to his 50th birthday party, which was the 26th.

Final business of the night was discussing moving the club meeting to the Deep. Since they have moved into their new location (just down the strip mall from their old location, where Mock Electronics used to be located), they now have a large, open multiple-purpose room that may work better than the lobby of Lowe Mills. The club voted to hold the next meeting at the Deep to evaluate its potential.

Show-and Tell!

Alphie had a set of wood carving knives he just acquired!

Clay had a set of laser-cut wooden buildings (about 25mm) that resembled Old West style architecture. He also had a commission he was working on - a resin figure based on an early DnD character called "Red Cloak" that bore a significant resemblance to Adrienne Barbeau.

Mark brought his Mosquito bomber, and his P-47 Thunderbolt project. He's mixing parts from an Academy "N" model with the Tamiya "M" in order to get a respectable-looking M.

Tom brought an example of his use of polystyrene thermo-bead to make a holder for his Tenax applicator...and promptly demonstrated its usefulness by dropping the applicator.

Andy brought two more of his pace cars for his Nationals project - a 56 DeSoto and 60 Oldsmobile.

Ed brought his kitbashed "Wedge Car" - he cut a section out of the front of the car to narrow it, and has been fixing the resulting distortions in the body, including manufacturing a new windscreen for the car.

June Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened at Lowe Mills approximately 7pm.

Minutes from the previous meeting were read by club secretary, Tom Clark.

Old Business
Hama-con. Dave Lanteigne had been in contact with Michelle Timon and had finalized the arrangements. Her previous support for the Make-and-Take had cancelled, and had asked Dave to take over. Dave stated that two people would be required to support the Make-and-Take (24 kits available). Dave would do the Make-and-Take and needed a volunteer to help with that. Ray Bushnell would handle the table for Friday, Dave would take Saturday, and Clay Williams would take Sunday. Tom Clark offered to help out Saturday and Sunday, and Rick offered to help Saturday if necessary. Two badges would be provided for HPMS personnel to swap in and out.

Andy Brezinski offered to print out some banners for the table.

Contest news. Tom came up with a list of things that need to be done prior to the contest. The first thing was notices in the IPMS Journal and FineScale and Scale Auto Modeler. Tom had looked it up and the closing dates for the issues before the contest were in mid-June. Decision was made to get one month in each magazine for the contest.

Trophies have gone up slightly to $1357 for the contest. Tom will work on artwork.

New Business

Nationals - The club authorized Dave to sponsor a trophy pack at the Nationals in the club's name. Category to be determined by Dave as most appropriate.

Jaycee's Building - No news is good news. Dave reported that the developer for the park had been fired, so there was now timeline as to when the Jaycees building would be replaced.

The Deep has moved into a new home, the old Mock's Electronics store at the other end of the same shopping center. The new store is much larger than the old one, and has an upstairs that is mostly open. There was discussion of moving the club meetings into the Deep. Tom volunteered to talk to the manager at the Deep about it.

Tom and Dave gave a report on Wonderfest. Tom took a Silver for his Falkë, and a Bronze for the Pig Tank. The model contest was the largest in their history at 668 entries. 


- Dave had a Moebius T-Rex kit that he picked up at Wonderfest, and was soliciting ideas on how to re-stamp the skin texture onto seams that he might have to putty over on the dinosaur.

- Ed Kiker had more stash he had picked up, and an LED lighting system on a set of tweezers. He had brought a WEIRD-Ohs "Francis the Foul" kit, and a Jeff Gordon race car that he was disposing of. He had also discovered that he already a kit of the first locomotive and was looking to dispose of that.

- Andy Brezinski continues to expand his fleet of Indy Pace cars, and brought in a kit of a 2013 Mustang. He also displayed the swag he had acquired at the Mustang 50th Anniversary celebration, and recounted his experiences.

- Clay Williams had his M2 commission, which was awaiting decal selection by the customer.

- Mike Milette had an F-4E Phantom he had constructed in the 1970's, out of three different kits.

- Ed Maslin had a kitbashed car using bits of an SR-71.

- Tom Clark had his swag from Wonderfest (too much to list here) and his trophies, and a pack of plastic beads that are designed to soften in hot water and be molded into shape. He plans to use them to improve some of his tools.

Meeting adjourned.

May Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened al fresco, on the loading dock patio outside the Flying Monkey Arts building due to band practice. Eleven member present. (At least it was a good night for it.)

Old business:

Ste(a)mfest & Lowe Mills - This turned into a missed opportunity to survey the event for potential participation by HPMS for next year. By the time Dave Lanteigne arrived most of the activities had shut down.

Dave Lanteigne aslo communicated with Mrs Timon, who is organizing Hama-con (6-8 June 2014) replied that Jeff Mattheiss will be conducting a Make-and-Take, but we are welcome to assist with that, and have a table. Dave was going to do an email survey looking for sufficient participation to man the table for the entire con, which is Friday noon until Sunday afternoon.

Skip Hassler provided a quick summary of the Anniston show. From his observations, turn out from both contestants and vendors seemed a bit light.

New Business:

There was discussion of timetable for when things need to happen for the contest, and a rough list was hashed out, with responsibilities:

Magazine information needs going out - Tom Clark
Trophy vendors quote - Ed Maslin
Business license - Scott Jeffries
Insurance - Dave Lanteigne
Phil Hale - regional coordinator - Tom Clark

The rates will remain unchanged from last year for entries, and the categories will be the same as well.

Show and Tell!

Curt Haskell - Discussed an attempt to set a weather balloon altitude record. Their group was trying for 95,000 ft, but the balloon popped at 87,000. He brought along a paper airplane, equipped with GPS and a tracking beacon, which had made the trip up and back. The airplane had been released at altitude, and landed about 12 miles away from the balloon payload, which landed under parachute. He also brought a decal prep stand, with water bowls and holders for decal solution bottles, that he had made with with his 3D printer.

Dave Lanteigne had a large-scale pencil stub, printed by Curt.

Clay Williams had more in-process Warhammer 40K figures, including a Tau battlesuit. He also had the Bradley M2 commission he has been working on, which came to him through the mailing list.

Ed Maslin had some 1/24 figures for Alfie, who was not present.

Scott Jeffries had his Do 17Z (aka Pig's Ear Mk II) after masking the camouflage camouflage. He related his experiences in using Tamiya smoke acrylic for exhaust stains, and what happened when he tried to seal it with flat lacquer (here's a hint - don't do it) The acrylic reacted with the lacquer thinner and "orange peeled". He also brought his Ark Royal (the 1588 version) which he described how he was building from an aggregation of kits.

Ed Kiker. Brought some kits from his most recent bargain store trawi, including a Silver ghost, an 1804 locomotive, an 1884 Daimler, and a1/48 blackhawk. He also brought a model of the ship of Chengho, which was a massive Chinese junk that lead the Treasure Fleet in the 14th century, before being scrapped. The kit is huge, and main hull could easily serve as a salad serving bowl for your next dinner.

Meeting adjourned. Mad Model Party is 19 May, at the Deep.

Thomas Clark

February Meeting Minutes

   The February 2014 meeting of the Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society was called to order at 7:00 P.M. on 5 February, 14 members were present.
   Under the area of Old Business there was discussion about the new meeting place at Low Mill and meeting in the front area so as to have sufficient space for the members and anything that maybe brought to the meeting.  There was some question about the location of Low Mill and Skip drew map on the chalk board at the front of the room.  The subject of the JC Building was brought up and Dave stated that the deposit was in and that the application for a business license for the show would be accomplished.  The show date was confirmed as 4 October.  The subject of a letter of appreciation to the owner of Southerland Station was discussed and it was noted that a letter was already made and had been posted to the HPMS site on Yahoo.  Arrangements were being made to give this letter to him.
  Two model shows and contests were discussed.  The upcoming show in Memphis had questions regarding where and when and need for source information regarding the show.  Tom Clark gave a briefing on the Chattanooga, TN show, basically lots of models and acceptable work on them.  The major problem was the judging.  This function took a great amount of time, there was a lack of judges, the close of judging time was not met, and there was no rule in place regarding ‘sweeps’.
Show and Tell
Edward – Pictures of a bronze sculpture of the battleship Arizona blind people to touch.
                 1/35th scale American T-28 tank by Dragon, lots of extra pieces.
Scott – Progress on 1/48th scale ‘rescue’ Spitfire, all paint off.
             Three books;
                       Iraqi Fighters
                      Struggle for the Middle Sea
Phil – 1/35 Italiari M-47 Patton Tank
          1/35 scale decals for German WW II Tiger I tank, Indo-Pakistan War Armor, 1965, and
          Arab Armor
Rick – 1/44th scale B-57 by A Model.
            2 each 1/72nd scale AH-1 Huey Cobras, interesting decals in the kits.
            A completed Winne Mae aircraft model, the old Lindburg kit, good job Rick.
            Talked about the use of Thermo clay for fabricating model parts.
Clay – Brought some of the gaming figures that he paints and sells, looked good, very
           colorful and paint work.  He said we could use the front space Low Mill if we
           needed to.  He has a shop at Low Mill.
Andy – Progress on cars, had to obtain a newer polish, different liquid process.
Ed – Progress on cars; extended car body is primed, filled, and shaped, wedge car body
        Is primed, filled, and shaped.