Important Announcements!

Item the First!
We have secured the date of 4 October for our 2014 contest!
Item the Second!
Dick Metzger will be transferring ownership of Southerland Station to someone else in his family, and the business will be relocating to a new, much smaller building within 60 days. As a result, we will lose our meeting place after the February meeting. Fortunately, Clay Williams (a new member) has space available at his shop in Lowe Mill, and will be hosting the club for the March meeting. See the map below.

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November Meeting Minutes

Minutes, 6 November Meeting
Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:06 pm (PST) . Posted by:
"Thomas Clark" beausabre35773
Meeting convened by Ed "Beauty Salon" Maslin at approximately 7pm. Meeting turnout was light, which means most of you must have forgotten that nominations for officer elections were on the agenda! Oh snap! We had a run down on the show. According to Dave "Moneybags” Lantiegne, we cleared approximately $700 on the show thanks to our reduced expenditures for trophies and a higher than expected attendance. As a result, we have a considerable amount in the bank, which sparked a discussion about what to do with it. A vote was taken and approved to make a $300 donation to Toys For Tots. No other decision was made regarding our largesse, except Dave was to look into how much we can have as a non-profit before we endanger our status. There was a brief discussion on the show itself. Overall opinion was that things went well, though it was noted that most of the club members are getting mailings from the AARP now and given general our general decrepitude, we might have had trouble if we had to tear down the tables this time. There was also discussion about light member participation in conduct of the show itself, and how a few members are doing most of the work of registration. There was talk of having a sign up sheet for desk duty, and also recruiting some new blood into the club. Another topic was how to do a more consistent/error-free numbering of the entry forms. It was decided that the primary reason to number them was to provide each entry with a unique identifier to aid in trophy awards and potentially model recovery. A committee has decided to investigate possible means of addressing the problem. Tom "Stone Age" Clark proposed a means of keeping track of the allocation of the spare trophy packs involving the use of large, carved stone rings, which Andy "Curbside" Brezinksi would keep track of determine if we had enough trophies for the proposed splits and combines. Andy made a counterproposal to use small counters to do the same job, and Tom grudgingly accepted that this may be more practical than using 3 ton stone wheels. Discussions about the next show brought up the possibility that the Jaycee's building may not be available due to renovation of the park. Discussion was tabled because of the lack of concrete information, and Dave was going to contact the city to find out if there are any concrete plans. The extra funds in the account are to be held as a reserve in case the club has to rent another, more expensive venue. Officer nominations! The existing slate of officers was renominated for next year. Tom also nominated himself as club secretary. You can probably figure out why. Further nominations will be taken at the next meeting. Make and Take is 4 December, and we need volunteers for at least one session on Saturday. We have a club meeting on the 1st, prior to the Make and Take. Skip will be ordering a box of HMMWV kits for the event. Upcoming contests: 16 November - Murphreesboro, TN 10-11 January - Chattanooga Region 3 Regional 8 Feb - Middle Tennessee Modelers, Crossville, TN 10 May - AtlantaCon, Marietta, GA 17 May - Louisville, KY Also, our next club meeting/swap meet will be 1 January. Next meeting will discuss whether to keep the date, punt a week, or cancel. Dave will check on room availability. Show and Tell! Andy had some car bodies that he has been experimenting with, using AlClad metallizer over differing base coats, including white, grey and black. He felt that the white actually gave him the best "metal-like" look. Ed Maslin had his own experiments, airbrushing with cheap fingernail polish thinned with lacquer thinner 50/50. He had two example, a purple ("Buffy the Violet Slayer") and metallic brown ("Under Your Spell"). The results were fairly impressive. Ed "Muleskinner” Kiker had a model of the famous "20 mule train" borax wagon, which is apparently back in production after a long hiatus. Tom had his pig tank diorama, and went over the details of how his did the ground work and props in the diorama. Mad Model Party is 18 November!

December Meeting Minutes

Based on an outline provided by Ray “NSA” Bushnell.
Meeting convened with 11 member present.
After the reading of minutes, old business was discussed.
- A decision was made to move the first January meeting to the 2nd Wednesday of the month, the 8th. The room will be available.
- The club dinner party will be 10 January, at the Macaroni Grill, at 6 pm pending confirmation of reservations. Tom “Bistro” Clark will be responsible for the reservations (and he has plenty).
- Volunteers were solicited for the December Make-n-Take at Southerlands. A decision was made to staff for Saturday only.
The current slate of officers, with the exception of club secretary, was re-elected with no opposition. Tom “Pen and Ink” Clark was elected Club Secretary, and Robert “Take This Job and Shove It” Osborne was retired from the office with the thanks (and great relief) of the members. Ray “CopyCat” Bushnell will substitute for Tom when travel, illness or dementia prevent his fulfilling of the role.
As his first official duty, Tom will take care of registering the club for next year.
Show n’ Tell!
Tom brought in an Airfix 1/48 “Jackal” all-terrain vehicle, as used by the Royal Army in Afghanistan. He also had an Airfix TSR.2 kit which has been modified into some travesty of an anime kit, by Airfix themselves no less. Also among the loot presented was a William Brothers “GeeBee” Racer, and a 1960’s book on the American SST program (RIP).
Phil had a T-55 in 1/35 with aluminum barrel and photo etch, and a book about the 1973 Arab-Israeli War battle on the Golan Heights,c allied “Heights of Courage.”
Ed Kiker had more oddities - including a re-pop of the Renwal Nike-Ajax kit, which is authentic down to the same sinkholes as the original kit! He also had the latest products of his internet trawling - pictures of the Objekt 279, a Russian heavy tank project designed to survive the nuclear battlefield and sporting dual tracks on each side, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, a French Vespa motor-scooter with a 75mm rifle. Strangely enough, at least three different kits of the Obj-279 have emerged in the last few months....
Skip “Skipper” Hassler had a book from the Los Angeles model ship show, which is apparently a big-enough pain the buoy to put on that they only do it every 3 years.
Scott “I Like Ugly Planez” Jeffrey had a Trumpeter MiG-23 in 1/48th scale, and is painting his Do-17. He also brought in the Sierra Scale Models kit of the Curtis Wright CW21B, a fighter so ugly not even its mother could love it. Scott also had two books - one on the IAR 80 fighter, and another on Spitfire aces operating out of Malta.
Mad Model Party will be 20 January

Club Update, Holiday Edition

Just a couple of quick updates for the club:
1. Officer elections were held in December, and the slate is the same with the exception that Tom Clark is now club secretary, replacing Robert “AWOL” Osborne.
2. The club meeting will be rescheduled from 1 January 2014 to 8 January, and will be the Annual Swap Meet.
3. The club Holiday Dinner will be Friday, 10 January, 8pm at the Macaroni Grill. I need a firm head count by Wednesday, 8 January.

August Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened approximately 1900 on 7 August. In the absence of the president, the meeting was led by Phil "You can call me Al Haig" Cassibry. Old business - There was a general update on the show. Phil has reserved approximately 20 tables as of the meeting. His general feeling was that more reservations will come in after the IPMS Nationals. Tom has completed the artwork, and sent some samples around for the group to evaluate. He will send the artwork to NuImage for the order. (Update - Done.) Tom wil check on the status of contest supplies by the next meeting. In other news, Tom received the bill for the advertising in FSM and Scale Auto. Dave announced that the club has successfully sponsored a trophy pack at the Nationals. I didn't write down which one it was. Skip was the only club member who is going to the Nationals, and will be taking flyers for our contest. New business! Mike Hazelton announced that he is relocating to Dallas in two weeks, and has an aerospace job lined up out there. Good luck to him and his wife, and for their future out there. Show and Tell! Ed had the new Fly 1/72 VZ-9 Avrocar model (listed on the cover as a "Wertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft"). He also had the MRC 1/35 Shadow UAV model, which was tiny. The model included two figures, and an ACU pattern decal sheet, but no patterns for cutting the sheet out for the two figures. Yay progress. Ed also had a converted wedding cake figuring, that he had modified to show a soldier returning from war and his girlfriend. Mike Hazelwood has his in-progress Neptune again. He also brought a model of the C-27J Spartan, which he will be doing up in US Coast Guard colors. This is Mike’s last meeting as he is departing the area of Dallas/Fort Worth this month. Shawn was flogging Aviation Week and Space TEchnology. No idea how much of a commission he was getting for each subscription. Tom had the Superwings 1/32 Shinden, in the optional fantasy markings, and a set of resin weighted wheels and cast metal landing gear. He also had a 1:72 version of the same aircraft in an older kit for comparison. Andy had his in-progress Indy Pace Car collection - a '56 DeSoto, '57 Mercury and '58 Pontiac. Shiny. Phil Cassibry had the Zvezda Bf-109F4, which he fondled publicly. He also talked about a new novel he picked up, called "Kirov" by John Schettler, which deals with an upgraded Kirov-class cruiser sent back to 1941 by some accident of physics. Think "Final Countdown" with Russians and Royal Navy in place of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Meeting adjourned. Thomas Clark